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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Michelle said...

Thanks so much for the Christmas letter and picture! We really enjoyed it and rejoiced with you in the news of a church home!! That was very encouraging to us as we are in a very similar position as you guys have been. I've enjoyed the blog updates - thanks for sending them!! We really do need to get together sometime!


Jamie Hall said...

Hey, I finally found you guys after how many years. What a beautiful family. I can't believe Caleb. He's a little man now. Wow. I'd love to get back in contact with ya'll, so send me an email and we'll exchange contact information. We still think about you and miss you.

Your long lost friends from Chattanooga,

Robert, Jamie, Tori and Jayden

Jamie Hall said...

Here's my email in case you didn't get it: jshall78@comcast.net