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Friday, December 28, 2007

Trip to Branson and Kansas City at the end of the summer!

We enjoyed a weekend in Branson and some time in Kansas City visitng family!
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Kindermusik! I became an offically licensed educator this summer and have finished teaching four classes. The program is a seven year music education program that begins at birth! I love it and am hoping to continue to use it to get to know families in our community and teach music to children!
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Fourth of July

Fourth of July at Bricktown Ballpark!
The game was great but we made the mistake of parking on the top of the parking garge..It took
2 hours after the game ended for it to clear out so we could go home. We ran into our friends the Moss's and who had also parked on the top floor of the parking garage! We played cards and had a great view of the city's many firework displays..

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Friday, June 22, 2007

What's Heather been up too?

Trouble for sure:) She loved a Kindermusik camp she went to and has been enjoying hanging out with her friends who play at our house and making cookies with lots of baking soda in them!!!

Here comes the tooth fairy!

Our big news...caleb lost his first tooth!!! It was a big ordeal the pictures do a pretty good job of capturing the emotion!!The only thing deceiving about the pictures was that it was mom who gave the finally tug !!

Ben's first coaching job

Ben's first coaching job. Ben wasn't too thrilled that Mindy volunteered him but after the first couple of practices and game he was hooked. Ben comes prepared with a line-up and a strategy to try and "win" the game even when they don't keep score...

T-ball time!

Caleb's first official baseball game with a real team. The Diamondbacks. I asked Caleb how he felt and he said he felt like it was the championship game.....He was pretty excited!!! He played short stop and first base. He made it all the way home with a hit the outfielders had a hard time fielding(he didn't notice that for this age most balls that got passed the pitchers ended up being a home run!) Nevertheless he boasted of starting off the season with a home run:)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Sweet Dreams!

Heather was supposed to be taking a nap!! I go in their and she says " Mom I'm swimming!!

Caleb is enjoying playing basketball. I think his favorite part is putting on the uniform. He doesn't quite get the concept yet. His coach told him to stay with his man and so he did. Caleb didn't let his man out of his sight even when Caleb was suppoed to be on offense trying to get the ball. It's been fun and Caleb looks forward to playing so that's good!!

Baseball in the living room

We'll with all the ice in the back yard the troops were restless so with a little tape and a carpet baseball(I'm really thankful for that invention ) Heather and Caleb got to play some baseball with a friend in the living room!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Heather and Caleb
are enjoying their time
with grandparents while Mom
and Dad are in Houston for a
church planting boot camp!
Heather is having a much easier
time with Mom and Dad being away than Caleb
is! He is counting down the days till we get home and get
to celebrate Daddy's 30th birthday!!

Neighborhood Home Group

These are the families we meet with weekly who live in our neighborhood! They have been such great friends and a source of spiritual encouragement and accountability. Our age range is 30-85 but the connection we have in Christ is a wonderful source of fellowship!! It's been exciting to see how God has used our group to impact the neighborhood!