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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Friends on the Fourth

Our good friends Curtis and Shawna Hill came down from Chattanooga, TN to visit us over the Fourth of July. We took a road trip to Dallas and enjoyed some of the local attractions in OKC! Heather and Canaan are 2 months apart and enjoyed meeting their future spouses:))) Arranged marriages look a whole lot more appealing as a parent than as a kid:)

I Whobin!

Caleb trained sissy to be his trusty Robin sidekick well.
When people at the park or wherever would ask her name she would tell them Dick! I always got the strangest looks and had to explain that she was referring to the real name of Robin.!! Did you know Robin's name was Dick Greyson??? There's some trivia for you (One of their favorite movies to watch is the old Batman and Robin movie...thanks Grammy:)

Caleb turns Five

who insists on being called
Bruce Wayne, celebrated
turning five with some favorite Heroes!

First Snow of 2006 at the new house!!!

Caleb and Heather had lot's of fun